Welcome to Hart Schoener Bliss, PS

We understand that when it comes time to hire an attorney, you want someone you can trust to resolve the situation quickly and amicably, or if necessary, address the situation with assertiveness and the ability to
“get the job done”.

Hart Schoener Bliss has been getting the job done for more the 50 years.  Our three partners, Richard K. Hart, Mark Schoener and Jill Bliss have extensive experience both in practicing law as well as handling your delicate legal matters with understanding, compassion and dedication to you and your cause.  Throughout the collective 50+ years of our practice, we have developed hundreds of contacts and professional relationships with fellow attorneys and others within the field.  These contacts assure we will be able to work with With ________ experience in all areas of the law including family law, personal injury, estate planning and probate, __________ and __________, our attorneys ensure you are ____________ in every step of the process.